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Imagine Lindir asking Elrond for your hand in marriage

Submitted by Anon

Anonymous said:
recent Lindir imagine?Can someone write a drabble for the

Imagine Thranduil allowing you to wear his crown, back in your private quarters

Submitted by Anon

Thranduil smut is on its way, Anon. Be patient. Ehehehehe.


Hello, Imagine blog. I hope you don't mind me doing this, but in regards to the anon asking for more gender neutral stories I was hoping to get this ask out so they might see my question: Is there a specific imagine you're looking at, anon? I've been wanting to try submitting to the blog for a while now, and this might be a good opportunity as well as a good writing exercise.

For my previous ‘nonnie!

Part 2: Imagine Fili and Kili finding cuts on your wrist

Nathalie () || imagine

Author’s Note: I read a message from anynomous that drabbles about self harm helped her/him, so I thought I would write a part 2. I hope she/he will like it!

It had been a little while ago when you told Fili and Kili about your self harm, but they hadn’t forgotten. After you had gone to bed that night they talked about it.

'I can't believe we didn't see it sooner, brother.' Kili said while gazing at the fire in front of him. Fili sighed. He couldn't believe it either. He blamed himself. How could he not have seen the pain in your eyes?

'I don't know brother… The only thing we can do now is to make sure it doesn't happen again.' Kili nodded in reply.

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Anonymous said:
I don't mean to sound rude or anything, I'm sure yall try yalls best to make sure people are comfortable, but like could you maybe ask people to make more gender neutral fics? Almost everything is aimed at girls and idk it kind of makes me a little sad I guess??

We take all the drabbles that we get!  I’m sure some authors would be more than willing :)

- Admin Rina

Imagine having trouble sleeping so you go for a walk around Rivendell and eventually end up sitting with Lindir, Falling asleep with your head in his lap

Submitted by Anon

Anonymous said:
I was thinking of writing one for the Fili and kili befriending you but I've never wrote before and I'm gonna mess it up

If you like to write and you want to do this, you should! You having fun writing it is the most important part. I’m sure you’re way to hard for yourself dear anon.

- Admin Kim 

Anonymous said:
To sexyllamatime - Oh please write a part 2 for your 'Fili never loving you' fic! It was heartbreaking! :(
Anonymous said:
Thranduil smut. It's what I live for. You are an amazing writer and I read everything that you post. But yes. Thranduil smut :)

It’ll be up to the writers! 

Anonymous said:
Can somebody please write a imagine for Imagine Kili and Fili befriending you to play match maker for Thorin pleaseeeeeeee and thank you!

Imagine being the one that gives the Arkenstone to Bard and Thanduil in a bid to save Thorin from himself

"Imagine Gollum getting a happy ending too and slowly transitioning back to his old self, and being taken in by the hobbits of the Shire as kin."

Imagine living in Rivendell and playing with young Estel

Submitted by Anon