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Song of the Lonely Mountain, Neil Finn (tH:aUJ)
I See Fire, Ed Sheeran (tH:DoS)
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Council of Elrond, Howard Shore & Enya (LotR:FotR)
May It Be, Enya (LotR:FotR)

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Hey can someone write something about: "Imagine Bofur starts singing and dancing since he saw you sad and sullen"? Thank u X3

Ooh, this would be a good one! Any Bofur lovers out there?

YES YES I AGREE WITH THE LAST ANON PLEASE. Kili and Fili protectiveness I need that in my life

It seems quite a lot of you want to see some protective Durins! :P

· adminpost · requested ·
Could someone lovely please write a Drabble for the imagine of Fili and Kili being protective of you since Legolas followed you to Laketown?


Could someone wright a drabble for the latest lindir imagine? He's so adorable! <3

Can I ask someone to write a drabble/ reader insert of the newest Aragorn imagine? Please? I'll give cookies and lembas!

Yay, lovely Aragorn!

Anyone feel like earning some cookies and lembas?

Requesting a Drabble for imagine Fili falls for you and does everything to get you to fall for him

I’m planning to write this one later on when I get time >< But we’ve gotten this imagine requested a few times haha! So someone please the people!

- Admin Rina

Can someone please write a drabble for "Imagine skinny dipping with Fili" ? x

I just got a message saying someone was going to haha. But anyone else, feel free!

- Admin Rina

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