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[PART 2] “Imagine being imprisoned in the Mirkwood dungeons and having the proud prince of the Silvan elves present you with secret little gifts every day.”

This is a sequel to my previous drabble, which can be found here.

Countless nights you spent alone, longing to catch a glimpse of the prince once again. The only signs of his presence were the little gifts that you discovered beside you each morning. Before long, you grew tired of these gifts. All you felt was a hunger for conversation that the dungeon guards were unwilling to satisfy. On the fourteenth night of your imprisonment, the gifts stopped coming altogether, and you feared that he had forgotten you.

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Imagine how nervous Pippin would be during your first night together

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Imagine Legolas confessing his love to you during an especially marvellous Feast of Starlight

Submitted by Anon

Height and its many usefulness’s. Imagine pulling Thorin into a kiss by the braids.

Based on this imagine

Please be gentle this is my first official drabble. I just couldn’t get this idea off my mind.

I might write a part 2 about the time in Rivendell if it’s wanted.


 “Open the door!”  You hear Thorin shout above the panicked voices of your fellow company members as you sprint up the path toward the house of Gandalf’s friend, the terrifying beast that now hunts you is getting closer by the second,  “GET THAT DOOR OPEN” he shouts again, running to a standstill you can’t help but want to laugh, your majestic dwarf is trying (and failing) to open the large wooden door with Orcrist.

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To the lovely ,

The drabble you submitted to us entitled ‘One Last Time’ is too long for us to post! :( I would have messaged your privately, but couldn’t figure it out on your blog :/

Probs just me being silly, but anyway, if you could either cut down the word count (which I HATE asking people to do) or perhaps post it on your own blog then send us a link to reblog, we can queue it up ready for posting :)

Anonymous said:
Anything thranduil related in the queue? :)

We have at least ten drabbles and imagines in the queue for Thranduil at the moment :)

Imagine your first time with Bofur

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Imagine Ori shyly sharing his artwork with you

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Imagine Finding a Bunch of Bunnies with Thorin’s Company & Taking a Break from the Quest to Play With Them


"Original Song from ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is titled "The Last Goodbye" and is written by Billy Boyd, Walsh, & Boyens" (X)

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Anonymous said:
Could you tell us which drabbles are coming next? ^_^ Or at least hint at the characters?

Thorin, Thorin, Legolas, Thorin, Thorin, Thorin…

You think I’m joking. You guys seem to love writing about the Rightful King Under the Mountain!

Anonymous said:
Could someone please write a drabble for "Imagine Bard’s reaction when Sigrid tells him that she is pregnant"?

Imagine Dwalin teaching you how to fight

Imagine being magically transported to Middle Earth and meeting the Fellowship

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Imagine lying nearby Smaug’s chest in all the gold, caressing him as if he was one giant pet

You jumped at the sound of coins rustling behind you. Turning around, you see Smaug emerge from the gold as it cascaded off of his scales like water. Scurrying up toward him, you wait as his head surfaced, his eyes already keenly upon you. You had been in the mountain with him for nearly a month and the two of you had already settled in what what resembled a routine. He would sleep for what felt like days on end and left you to your own devices. When he woke, however, you needed to be near him so he could make sure you hadn’t wandered off or escaped. Smaug always like having his treasure close.

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