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Anonymous said:
Hi! Would you please write a story for "Imagine being trapped in a cave with Kili during a snowstorm and having to find a way to keep warm" because you're an amazing writer!!
i've written loads of drabbles from the request but can't seem to get them to you :( is there any other way i can send them? the submit doesnt work everytime i try :(((((

The submissions are closed for the moment, so please hold on to your drabbles for now. We’ll make an announcement when the submissions are opened again, and you can send them in then :)

-Admin Sarah

Imagine Elrond greeting you and the company as you arrive in Rivendell

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Imagine being married to Elrond and slow-dancing on a terrace in Imladris by moonlight

Submitted by Anon

Anonymous said:
"Imagine taking a hot bubble bath with Thorin and you trying to make him smile, making a bubble-beard, looking at him as serious as he does" Please, we needs it!

We needs the precious indeed, eternal love for the person that makes this one into a drabble. *goes back to schoolbooks* - imagine

- Admin Kim

Unexpected Surprises (Aragorn x Daughter!Reader)


This is based off the imagine:

I’m considering making a second part, so if you’d like me to, send me a comment. :)


You sat down on the balcony in your room and sighed, your eyes threatening to reveal everything that you’ve tried to hide from your parents. You were their first child, their oldest, but your parents - the King Elessar, and his wife Arwen - were always busy with your brother Eldarion, or with your other 4 siblings. It was expected, with a family this size, that some of you were going to feel a little left out.


But it always seemed to be you. Every time you ventured into the main citadel or somewhere else in the castle, you constantly saw your parents spending time with your siblings; when you went to ask them something, or to actually spend some time with them, they were too busy. When you were 11, you stopped asking.


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Anonymous said:
I NEED a Drabble for the "Bilbo planting invisible kisses on your neck" imagine. Pretty pretty please. There is NOT enough Bilbo love on this blog! Sometimes I feel all alone :(

Don’t feel alone, ‘nonnie! There’s lots of love for Bilbo here^^

- Admin Rina

Anonymous said:
Pleasepleasepleaseplease some write a Drabble for "Imagine coming home after a long day and Thranduil is preparing a meal for you wearing only an apron", that's such an amazing imagine oh my goodness

Imagine taking a hot bubble bath with Thorin and you trying to make him smile, making a bubble-beard, looking at him as serious as he does

Submitted by Anon

Imagine setting up a bouncy castle and going crazy on it with the company dwarves

Submitted by Anon

"Imagine Thorin first realizing he loves you as you rip the head off an orc."

 || imagine

A/N: I’ll also be writing a Thorin P.O.V. for this imagine so his emotions can be fully appreciated (;

Radaghast and his rabbits had drawn off half of the orc pack, but the other half noticed your presence and were in hot pursuit. Gandalf shouted at all of you to hurry, and adrenaline pushed you forward. You ran beside Thorin, your high endurance allowing you to keep up with him. But as you leaped over a stream, the sound of a warg’s thick, thundering paws began to get closer and closer.

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Imagine Fili’s face when you tell him that you love him too even though you’re human and he’s a dwarf

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Imagine coming home after a long day and Thranduil is preparing a meal for you wearing only an apron

Submitted by Anon

"Imagine Legolas Being Back in Mirkwood After the War of the Ring, and Crushing You in a Hug"

Averil of Fairlea || imagine || fic request

It was nightfall, and the glimmering stars peeked out shyly from the onyx sky. From your perch at the border to Mirkwood, you stared at them with longing as you did every night, looking for a sign in their twinkling patterns to indicate when your love would finally return home.

Legolas had been gone so long with the Fellowship, much longer than you had ever expected. Somehow you knew he was not only alive, but well. He was an accomplished archer, observant and quick, who couldn’t be easily defeated. You knew he was serving his companions -  and in fact, all of Middle Earth - to the very best of his ability.

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Imagine you are captured by orcs and held prisoner for many months. At first, you hold nothing but disgust, but over time, they start to grow on you, and you fall for the Lieutenant of Morgul, Gothmog

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