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"I’m Sorry:Imagine Bofur getting you drunk the night before the boat leaves so you miss it and don’t have to face Smaug”




Anonymous - “Imagine Bofur getting you drunk the night before the boat leaves so you miss it and don’t have to face Smaug” Can you write that, please? Imagine comes from imaginexhobbit UwU

640 words

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I don't know about the others but I think it would be great to get to know you guys more (Not being creepy). Like how would you describe yourself in five words? What's your favorite color? If you where in middle earth based on your personality what race would you be? What race would you want to be? (Two different questions) you don't have to answer my questions I just want to know you guys more because y'all are awesome.

You’re so sweet! I don’t mind answering these at all and I’m pretty sure the girls won’t either and I’m sure they’ll fill in their answers when they can!

Five words I’d describe myself in: caring, dedicated, sarcastic, humorous, and dependable. My favorite color shifts between the many shades of purples and blues. Probably royal blue and royal purple though. (Born to be a queen, I tell ya.) I think based on my personality, I’d probably be either a human  or dwarf. I’d like to be either an Elf or human  though. It’d be cool to be an Istari too haha.

Hope this sheds a bit more of my personality! 

- Admin Rina 

Five words to describe me? Hmmm…Weird, imaginative, stubborn, nerdy, loving. My favourite colour is blue, usually any shade, not too fussy. I think with my personality, probably a Hobbit, homely comforts, a well stocked pantry and a roaring fire. I’d like to be a human, specifically one of the Rohirrim, just because horses and wide open spaces and freedom!

Hope this helps :)

-Admin Sarah

…lazy? The only thing I’ve ever used to describe myself is creative, but… I’m also pretty stubborn, like really bad, and just a bit wacky and spontaneous. Favorite colors are orange and pink, occasionally blue~ and based on my personality (and height…), I think I’d be a human, from like… a small village or something boring. I think I’d like to be an elf, though.

 - Admin Ash


Sarah, we have a vote! You can start with that Fili one I wanted hahahahaha.

- Admin Rina

*cough*I’ll see what i can do *cough*

-Admin Sarah

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Imagine….Kili holding a puppy



 (from imaginexhobbit. Photo source here):

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Hi, this is Satan from earlier, just wanted to express how awesome these answers are. Love you so much.

You started this!!!! Hahaha I’m glad people seem to enjoy my descriptions. I sit here giggling while I’m answering the entire time. 

Sarah and Ash don’t even bother HAHA. Apparently, I’m the one that handles the naughty questions.

- Admin Rina

All these questions are seriously making me want to write something smutty with the dwarves… (Damn you, Rina! :P)

-Admin Sarah

Since everyone is talking about sex, how do you think Thranduil and Legolas would be in the sack? xD

You guys are a mess hahahaha.

I think Legolas would be such a sweetie. He’d be gentle, very caring, and would cater to her pleasure completely. 

Thranduil is such a hot asshole. I definitely think he’d be very dominate, very much in control, and very kinky.

- Admin Rina 

Who do you ship in the hobbit?

With myself hahaha.

But nah, in all honesty, I’m not much of a shipper with The Hobbit characters. It’s all a big giant bromance to me, nothing more. I can dig Kili and Tauriel just cause they’re cute and I like the idea of the mixed races but I mostly don’t ship anyone.

- Admin Rina 

Not really sure if you uh… want to hear from me, buuuut… I ship the cute stuff c: jk, I actually only ship BagginShield and Dwori …andpossiblyGandalf/Galadriel BUT ONLY AS LIKE A CRACK SHIP

 - Admin Ash

I think Kili and Tauriel are really sweet together, because they understand each other. I love the little looks between Galadriel and Gandalf, but apart from that, as Rina said, just masses and masses of Bromance everywhere! :D

-Admin Sarah

Do you ship Thilbo?

Personally? Nope. Not my cup of tea. But I’m not sure about the girls. ^^

- Admin Rina



 - Admin Ash

I can see the reason behind people shipping it, but to me, it’s more of a heavy bromance sort of thing :)

-Admin Sarah

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