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Imagine being Aragorn’s sister

Submitted by Anon

So, I have sent almost everyone in the ‘drabble writing list’ a message about their personal preferences, except tuataracda123 and lil-lola-blue, whose inboxes I can’t access (also, the lovely person who uses wattpad, but I have absolutely no idea how to contact you!!). So, you two, if you could send me a message so I can message you back an important message about the drabble writer list please, that would be lovely :D

Thank you to everyone who has replied to the messages so far, and I apologize for bugging the rest of your with all this stuff so much :/

-Admin Sarah

Can someone please write a drabble for the two recent Legolas imagines?

Imagine being Galadriel’s daughter and falling in love with Legolas

Imagine falling asleep on Legolas’ arms after the battle on Helms Deep

"Imagine Bard cutting himself by accident and you insisting that you clean the wound. Despite him being stubborn he relents and realizes how fond he has grown of you as you take care of him."


Another drabble over 1000 words for imaginexhobbit

Note: This one is also gender neutral, and there are most definitely spoilers ahead. Not many, but some.

     Months had passed since the desolation of Smaug, which had ground the town upon the Long Lake into a hardy piece of work for the survivors. Many had fallen victim to the wrath of the auburn flames, and many more had fallen victim to the blisters the heat had caused.

     You had been working for some time now- you and the others, that is- to work Laketown into a far better image that what it had been previously. Day and some nights you would slave away as you worked to rebuild the ruined homes and walkways. Weeks into your mission, Laketown was still hardly pleasing to the eyes, but it was a work in progress. You appreciated the effort put into the work, especially after the Battle of Five Armies, which had pursued and caused even more damage to the people.

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Imagine being Galadriel’s daughter and falling in love with Legolas

Submitted by Anon

Anonymous said:
I actually have a question about joining the drabble writers list. I'm interested in joining but I was wondering how it would actually work. Like, would the writers be allowed to refuse drabbles, and under what circumstances (e.g. having too many on their plate already, busy in real life, not comfortable with a prompt, etc)? Would we have to write a certain number to stay on the list? That kind of thing.

This is something Sarah and I agreed on because we get those too long imagines and drabble requests. With this new list, we’ll add authors who are willing to write drabbles and you can request from them directly. However, it won’t be seen on here. The only drabbles that will get featured on here are the ones linked to our imagines. We’re just making this an alternative option instead of flat out rejecting those long ones.

So to answer your questions: It would depend on the author and what they want to write. You can request and see if you get lucky.

Sarah and I are still discussing it so if anything changes in what I said or what Sarah posted yesterday, we’ll let you guys know.

- Admin Rina 

This is more of a suggestive list than a ‘these people will take any prompt you give them and write out a 30,000 word amazing drabble in two hours’ kinda thing. We’ll act as more of an…intermediary, simply pointing people in your direction. If you’re busy, tell the senders that, if you’re uncomfortable with the prompt, tell them that. You are the writer, you take on as much or as little as you like :)

(We’ll be sure to add a bit on the page along the lines of ‘These writers are under no obligation to agree to write your prompt, it is their choice’…Something like that :P)

-Admin Sarah

2nd Edit: a lovely follower has sent in an idea that will hopefully avoid any prompts being sent to people who might find them uncomfortable or something they would rather avoid. So, hopefully ‘not comfortable with the prompt’ will not be a factor :)

Holey Moley!

We already have 21 URLs for the drabble writers in under 24 hours!

So, I have been thinking about it a bit more (and checking out some other pages that have a similar thing goin’ on) and I think the easiest way to go about it would be to add all your URLs (names is you wish) to a new linked page entitled ‘request a drabble’. This way, instead of us having to turn away messages that read:

'Can you guys write a drabble where a really pretty young woman joined the Company, has Fili fall in love with her but eventually go to the ball with Kili, then have a baby with Thorin, join a marching band with Nori, learn to arm wrestle with Dwalin, then live happily ever after while marrying Bard? Pretty pretty please, It would tots make my day!!!1!' 

((Actual messages may vary))

We can point the submitter towards the page, they can send off a message to their chosen writer, then go from there. This idea has genuinely come about because we don’t like turning away drabble requests, and we thought this would be a good alternative, and another way to get those creative juices flowing :P

Now, don’t get us wrong, the admins here LOVE writing drabbles, but if we wrote every single drabble request  we received, we’d have no time for admin-ing! Also, the blog would be full of drabbles that have nothing to do with any of the imagines we’ve spent so much time on, which would be pretty pointless considering the blog title…

So yeah, hope this makes sense. And all the writers on the list, you can still write up drabbles that have been requested through the site. You are all great writers and we would never turn you away!

Thank you for reading this, and if you’d like your URL to be added to this ever-growing list, please either send us a message or reply to the post HERE (I’m not counting likes, only replies).

-Admin Sarah

Imagine falling asleep on Legolas’ arms after the battle on Helms Deep

Submitted by Anon

hlootoo said:
You still didn't make the imagine about the warg and horseback polo. :,(

Now, I will try not to make the contents of this reply sound rude or insulting or whatever, so here goes…

The queue is currently standing at 142 items, which will take at least six weeks to post with our current posting rate. Now, when we put together Drabbles, we add them to their posting spot in the queue when we can, which means the queue is continuously growing (so, in reality, it will take longer than six weeks to post the very last imagine in the queue at this precise moment).

Now, you are right in stating that I have not yet created your imagine. But there are 30 imagines in the inbox at this moment which are before yours, so that will add at least another seven days (give or take) when they are added to the queue.

So yes, as I have said in the three messages I have sent you previously, we DO have your imagine safely in the inbox, and I WILL get around to making it, but it WILL take a while before it is posted.

Thank you

-Admin Sarah

To the lovely Anon from Wattpad who just sent in a message, I’ve added your ‘name’ to the preliminary list. We already have 14 people who have gracefully volunteered, so it looks very likely to actually be happening :D

Also, I haven’t added the names of people who only liked the previous post, taking the likes to mean an agreement that it would be a good idea, not necessarily volunteering.

If you would like your name on the list of drabble writers for imagines we can’t post (mostly because they are too long and I really don’t like taking details out just to find them on), please either message us or respond to the previous post found HERE

Cheers guys :D

-Admin Sarah


New stills from the Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition! Click for very large version! watch the trailer here

Imagine finding out that Haldir is dead in Helm’s Deep and Legolas having to hold you back so you don’t run back into battle.


A/N Sorry I took so long writing this! As you might know if you follow my blog I went on a short camping trip which delayed things a little plus I was unsure about writing about Haldir purely for the fact that I want to do his character justice! This drabble is based on this imagine. Anyways, I thought this imagine was an interesting one so here you go and enjoy!

You had seen the fear in their eyes. You knew of what the future could possibly hold for them. Even the most valiant could not resist allowing the negativity and nervousness to pass through their minds, meddling with their hopes and causing destruction within their fiery hearts.

  Of course, you take pity on the frailty existing in the race of men as considering being raised from a petite elfling to a courageous, passionate warrior in the lands of Mirkwood, your dangerous aura and thirst for revenge instantly combats your lack of wisdom with pure determination. 

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An idea for the near future

So, while answering the slew of questions, I came up with an idea, and would like your opinions.

Many a time we get messages from lovely people offering their writing services to people who would like drabbles written. Now, we also get people who send in incredibly detailed imagines that we can’t use, simply because they are too long to be turned into short imagines (and we really hate having to trim details down just to make them fit)

My idea was to make a list of those lovely writers who are willing to write up drabbles for people who have amazing ideas that aren’t quite suited to being turned into imagines, since we really hate having to turn down such amazing ideas.

So, if you are a keen writer and would like to be added to such a list if it were to be put together in the future (which, if we get enough people interested, it will be :D) please feel free to message us or reply here.

Thanks guys!

-Admin Sarah

Anonymous said:
Could you do a one shot thingy for the 'imagine Kili and Legolas fighting over you'? Thanks :) I love this blog, it's amaze-balls ;D
Has someone done the "Imagine finding out you are pregnant with Kili’s baby."? If not can someone please do it? :)